Where to do Crypto Research: The Best Crypto Platforms

Looking for good crypto research platforms can be exceedingly difficult. Many websites are covered with information that can be extremely distracting and is often unnecessary. Therefore, we...
by Yoaquim Boom
October 2, 2022

Key Insights

  • Staying well-informed about recent events in the crypto space is certainly manageable with the right tools.
  • Going directly to a crypto project’s website and reading their whitepaper is often the best way to fundamentally understand a project.
  • Find well-informed social media accounts and groups to follow/join.
  • Newsletters keep you well updated.
  • You can receive token rewards for your insights on crypto project sites such as NewsCryptio.io and LunarCrush.com.


Looking for good crypto research platforms can be exceedingly difficult but is certainly manageable when you are provided with the right tools.

Many websites are covered with information that can be extremely distracting and often unnecessary.

Therefore, we are putting together a list of what we believe to be the most used, clearest, and well-informed crypto research methods and websites currently available.


An effortless way to stay up to date without having to go out of your way to personally search for the news is through newsletters.

If you subscribe to enough different newsletters, you are sure to get the most relevant news through their weekly/daily event summaries.

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Social Media

Social media will serve as the easiest way to keep up to date for most individuals interested in the crypto community.

Social media provides users with differing levels of easy interaction with larger names in the community.


Twitter has the largest amount of crypto users oif all social media platforms.

It is often believed to be the easiest to stay informed through. This is especially true if you follow the right people and put notifications on for informative accounts.

Twitter also provides information in a concise and time-efficient way. The short format in which tweets are written forces informants to get to the point without the reader having to read excessive unnecessary information.

The large user base of crypto investors on Twitter makes it immensely easy to interact with deeply knowledgeable people. The platform invites interaction, and many large users will interact with good tweets from smaller users.

Twitter also invites good discussion, due to the numerous opinions that will always be available.

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Discord is a common platform for crypto users. If you want to stay up to date in real-time, it is useful, but it is not the smoothest experience. You will have to find very specific well-informed discord chats to be a part of.

Discord also has the con of having many scammers and spammers on the platform, making it sketchy to maneuver.


Finding good telegram channels can be extremely useful. You will get notifications on your phone directly from the chat.

Again, just like on Discord, you must join good telegram channels that post the most crucial information to stay up to date with the market news.

Project Sites

If you're looking into a specific project and want to know more about it there's only one best way to go about it, which is their own website.

Reading about projects in summaries and opinionated articles is an informative manner to get information on a project.

Yet, a better and often more fundamentally revealing way to go about researching a project is reading about them on their own websites and white papers.

When looking into a specific project, the project’s own website often has the best up-to-date information on the project.

Most of these projects will also have the latest news on their project on their website. If you want to know about a particular project’s news events, going to the website is often a straightforward way to find up-to-date information.

White Papers

Each crypto project has a white paper, the white paper summarizes what the idea of the cryptocurrency or token is and what its goal is. This white paper often includes what they expect of their project and a step-by-step process of what they plan to do in the future.

Reading whitepapers is easily the most informative way to know about a cryptocurrency token or project in-depth. A well-written white paper should leave no gaps in your understanding of the project. A project with an absent or poorly written white paper is often a red flag.

You can find whitepapers on the project’s website or on databases. Databases that hold most crypto white papers include allcryptowhitepapers.com and whitepaperdatabase.com.

Price-Tracking Websites

There are many crypto websites that follow the market caps and prices of many current crypto projects. They often provide you with basic information about a given project, including its goals, current price, market cap, and links to the project’s website.

These websites provide a good overview of what projects are trending and the reason for their popularity. With the easily accessible core information at hand, it is easy to begin your research on a project here.

Some Price-Tracking Websites include:

Crypto News Websites

Websites that solely report news about the crypto economy are a suitable place to look for long-form briefs on current crypto events. These platforms often provide the most comprehensive overview of recent events.

Some of these websites include:


Messari is a one-of-a-kind in the industry, and thus it had to be mentioned separately.

With one of the most professional and well-informed teams, they are equipped with not just current news, but also extremely relevant data and research.

They give great overviews for those of you who want to look deeper into the crypto economy and find out what is going on at a more fundamental level of the industry.

Traditional Finance News

Traditional finance (TradFi) news sites are often well-informed about crypto. They are often some of the first to know about large-scale institutional influences in the crypto space.

Some TradFi news sites include Bloomberg, CNBC finance, Investopedia and The Wall Street Journal.

News Projects

News Projects refer to crypto projects that have news and education as their central focus. These projects have their own native tokens and use their tokens for rewarding users and creators on their platform.


NewsCrypto.io is an all-in-one crypto educational platform equipped with its own price charts, market cap list, coin analysis, educational platform, news events, and user rewards.

It has a very professional feel and is already partnered up with some of the biggest names in the crypto and TradFi industry including ChainLink, Polygon, Kucoin, Visa, Mastercard, Morpheus Labs, Elrond, and Enjin.

NewsCrypto also has its own native token with utility named $NWC. NewsCrypto users can earn $NWC for posting quality content. $NWC also has staking enabled, with which stakers can earn up to 25% APY.


LunarCrush collects all the most relevant and useful information currently on many different websites into an all-in-one news source.

Covering the most relevant posts from social media platforms onto one website. If you want to see what is most relevant in the crypto space right now Luna Crush attempts to get it all together.

Lunar Crush also has its own native token $Lunr which users will be rewarded with through holding $Lunr tokens and participating in the Lunar Crush community.


Podcasts may be the easiest way to stay informed while remaining extremely time-efficient and productive. The background audio nature of podcasts enables you not to have to sit and actively read/watch the news.

Just like in all the other forms of education the central problem lays lies in finding good podcasters to listen to.


Humans learn best through a mix of audio and visual stimulation. Therefore, watching YouTube videos is the easiest way to take up information about crypto.

Although watching YouTube is the easiest way to stay learn, it is prone to poor information and misinformation.

You must be extremely careful with who you listen to and what their goals are. A lot of crypto YouTubers are financially incentivized by projects to talk positively about a project. Essentially shilling possibly poor projects.


In conclusion, there are innumerable crypto research platforms, and most research methods/platforms should suffice.

Many research platforms have not been listed in this article but certainly deserved to be there. It all comes down to finding good influencers/websites that you like, and that are also well-informed and unbiased.